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Respect The Process is a filmmaking podcast. Commercials & advertising, indie films, and other stuff I find creatively interesting. 

Apr 2, 2015

My guest Joshua Salzberg began as an apprentice in the editing room of the Adam McKay & Will Ferrell comedy "Step Brothers", where he learned the value of testing the laughs before going public. We chat about that process, employed with great success by Judd Apatow, Paul Feig and others, and how that has influenced making his own films. Josh is the editor of the Ferrel/McKay produced "Welcome To Me" starring Kristen Wiig and directed by Shira Piven. Opens May 1st, 2015.

His documentary "Walking Man" is avail to pre order on iTunes now, so support Josh and indie film by ordering today.

This episode is an hour and 15 minutes. Big shout out to my son, hip hop artist Ben Brady for helping me conduct the interview.