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Respect The Process is a filmmaking podcast focused on directing commercials.

Feb 8, 2015

After I interviewed Ryan Berman, I found his blog post called "Comedy on a Commercial Production." I agree with most everything he says, and probably explains why we are friends and have shot together a bunch. Ryan is Founder and Chief Creative Officer of i.d.e.a., a great advertising agency in San Diego. We chat about creating a fun culture, staying one step ahead of the trends, and why San Diego is still classy.

He produced a documentary with client's money that played at SXSW called "Inventing To Nowhere" about the patent industry. It's an eye opener.

A forward thinker, his agency also acquired a local production company of scrappy filmmakers, and they do awesome work. 4120 Productions. Click the name, duh.

Buy your tickets now for my webinar on February 10th at 6pm West Coast/ 9pm East Coast on StageIt. Live Q&A. It will sell out. It's my live presentation on being a director of tv commercials. "Confessions of a Commercial Filmmaker".


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