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Respect The Process is a filmmaking podcast. Commercials & advertising, indie films, and other stuff I find creatively interesting. 

Sep 18, 2020

Shane Hurlbut, ASC, is one of the top cinematographers working in both commercial and high profile feature films. His IMBD reads like a best-of list. Shane and Lydia Hurlbut also have the Hurlbut Academy, with in-depth courses that teach all the tricks Shane has amassed over decades of filmmaking. I highly recommend you fill your brain with the Hurlbut offerings. Shane and Lydia's mission is to elevate the craft of cinema for all filmmakers around the world.

We talk about his start, work ethic, music videos and features. Like two pals sitting around the campfire, we went on and on, so we split the chat, and this is Part One of a two-part interview. 

My newest course "Directing Cats: Case Study" gives you agency briefs and my winning treatments, plus all production notes. The 17 minute behind the scenes is chalk full of wisdom. $69 until Sept. 15th, 2020.

Commercial Directing Masterclass has helps 400 filmmakers globally with 100% 5 star reviews. 

Commercial Directing Bootcamp has one seat left for 10.10.2020 in Los Angeles. 

My first film, "Dill Scallion" online for rent or purchase and I'm giving 100% of the gross money raised to St. Jude Children's Hospital, in fact I'll match it. Roger Ebert called it "The country music 'This is Spinal Tap'" so that sums it up. All star cast and a great cause.



This episode, Part 1, is 65 minutes and sponsored by Oso Delicious Hot Sauce, the only hot sauce made by bears. Flavorseeker Fun Pak's ship Friday's at 3pm.