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Respect The Process is a filmmaking podcast focused on directing commercials.

Aug 3, 2018

I love chatting with innately funny people, and Tal Wagman is one such a person. We met shooting our wildly popular "Built To Amaze" campaign for Toyota via Saacthi. Now Tal has moved his humor mill over to Zambezi working on Vitaminwater and Venmo.

We chat about RottenApples, a website database that informs us whether or not a film or show is tied to a person accused of sexual misconduct. It's a great resource. I've alos posted a fun spot of Tal's at



This runs 90 minutes.

Commercial Directing Bootcamp is August 25th, 2018 in LA so sign up now. Oh yeah, Voodoo is on Audible. More on that later.

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