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Respect The Process is a filmmaking podcast focused on directing commercials.

Sep 4, 2020

Premiere Gal Kelsey Brannon has taught me so many tips and tricks for editing in Adobe Premiere that I was all giddy to finally meet her via zoom. She's a shooter, editor, producer and you should subscribe to her YouTube channel now.

Other unsolicited plugs: Actors, my friend Jen DiBella has a two hour class on how to manage your career as an actor in 2020. It's $30 for now, so grab a seat.

Creative studio owners and prodco owners, RTP alumni Joel Pilger's has a new Jumpstart program beginning October 1st. Learn to handle the business side, so you can focus on being creative. 

Directing Cats: A Case Study is my newest short course loaded with briefs, my treatments and a behind the scenes directing cats. I am not joking. Use code "dirtythirty" and save $30 off the course. 

Bootcamp has 4 seats left as of this post for Oct. 10, 2020 and Masterclass awaits you! Here's my links.

Commercial Directing Film School
Commercial Directing Masterclass
Commercial Directing Bootcamp



This runs an hour almost.