Respect the Process

Writer/Director Jamie Buckner has made an adorable, funny romantic comedy called "Split". Jamie tells us about making the short film first to raise the dough and the complications of shooting in a working bowling alley. He smartly went to his hometown to make the film.

Please support the film by clicking here, and watch and enjoy "Split". My favorite aspect is Jamie spoofs all the tropes of the romantic comedy while using them effectively to tell the sweet story. 



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Gary Rose Of Go Film Dissects The Commercial Filmmaking Industry With Me.

Gary Rose is the Managing Director of Go Film, one of the top shops for making commercials. We look at the current state of our business and how it's evolved. Gary has worked alongside one of my fav's, Mr. Christopher Guest, so I get to learn how Mr. Guest likes to work on the spots he chooses to do. Overall, Gary navigates the business with finesse and surely knows how to pick and develop directorial talent.

We touch on his love of underwater photography. I wish you could see his work on the walls of Go Film. Click here for a taste. Oh, that's a Billy Idol screenshot from a Go FIlm spot, not Gary.

Commercial Directing Bootcamp Chicago was a blast! Huge thank you to the filmmakers. Now send me podcast feedback people. How are we doing? Questions?




This chat runs an hour and 20 minutes.

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My Successful Director/Producer Relationship With Rick Cowan, RIP.

Filmmaker Rick Cowan was my friend and frequent collaborator. He grew to be a mentor and pillar to those that knew him. He passed away this week, and I miss him. RIP Rick. 

This conversation is from July 2015 and was posted back then. 



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Miranda Bailey is a prolific film producer, actress and director. Currently, she's got two wonderful films in theaters, "Swiss Army Man" and "Don't Think Twice", the latter opening wide this weekend. Go see it. It stars Keegan Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, Tami Sagher, Chris Gethard, Kate Micucci and the film's writer/director Mike Birbiglia. It's funny, sad, heartfelt and the best look at the world of improvisational comedy ever.

Miranda has her own production company, Cold Iron Pictures, and started a distribution company, Film Arcade. Click the words. She's the real deal.

The last half of our chat reveals that I am indeed an old fashioned sexist. Eye opening, as we delve into the topic of gender inequality. Truthfully, I wanted to leave that alone and just talk to Miranda as a producer, but felt it was needed so we explore and shed a little light. The trailer is at my website.

Enjoy. Share. See the film. Thank you!!


Commercial Directing Bootcamp only has a few seats left. August 13th. Chicago. 

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A Delightful Chat With

Sitting down with Director Jonathan Kesselman was like reuniting with a cousin I'd never met. I'd seen his first film, The Hebrew Hammer, now we talk about his new film "Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero" starring comedian Maz Jobrani. Maz is hysterical in the clubs, on his specials, so I knew the film would be laugh out loud too.

We chat about developing the film, working with actors who wrote the script they star in, and more. 

Check out the trailer at or click the title above.

PS Still a few spaces left for Commercial Directing Bootcamp, August 13th in Chicago, but it's going to sell out. Sign up now!



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Directing Chimps Vs. Babies With Comedy Director Jeff Gordon

I'm honored to chat with Director Jeff Gordon, a versatile filmmaker, but one that can say he specializes in commercials with chimps and babies. In our conversation, he points out one “secret weapon” to his success with infants - his baby wrangler.

It was delightful to hear we've both worked with a particular chimp named Bella.  She is wonderful to shoot with.  All in all this is a such great episode. You listeners will certainly enjoy this one.

See Jeff's spots by clicking his name, or looking over at Oh, We're still taking Filmmakers for Commercial Directing Bootcamp Chicago. August 13th. This live event will sell out. Sign up today!



This episode is an hour and some. 

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Bowling With Werner Herzog, He Loves My Commercial Directing Bootcamp Chicago.

After three intense days shooting for Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, I took up my usual post shoot ritual of bowling. Surprisingly, I ran into my favorite filmmaker, Director Werner Herzog. He indulged me with a quick exchange about my Commercial Directing Bootcamp in Chicago, August 13th, 2016. 

I am so deeply humbled Mr. Werner Herzog had any knowledge of it. I am currently taking his Masterclass, by the way, which I recommend to every filmmaker.

Sign up today for my Commercial Directing Bootcamp today. Limit 20.



This episode is under 4 minutes

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Virtual Reality Explained By Light Sail VR's Matthew Celia.

Matthew Celia stands majestically at the forefront of virtual reality filmmaking, having conceived, shot and delivered VR projects for Paramount, GoPro and even the esteemed Dr. Phil. Today, Matt explains the technology and stresses the key element all of you adore: story. 

It's great to chat with Matt because we go back a handful of years. He's an inspiring storyteller and filmmaker. Check out his work by clicking or at my website, jordan

Commercial Directing Bootcamp in Chicago August 13th, 2016 already has filmmakers signed up! Limit 20 filmmakers, so do not dilly dally. And hey, let's all practice loving our fellow Americans, and fellow global humans. 



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Robert Klein Still Can't Stop His Leg So Marshall Fine Shot It.

Movie critic, celebrated journalist, author and documentarian Marshall Fine graced me with an interview via the magic of Skype to talk about his new docu, "Robert Klein Still Can't Stop His Leg."  I really loved the film. First as a fan of the legendary stand-up Robert Klein, but also purely as a candid profile of an icon. 

Bravo Marshall, bravo.



Commercial Directing Bootcamp is August 13th, 2016 in Chicago. Sign up now or  bang your head against the wall for missing out.

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I loved his feature film "Bubble Boy", so when I met Director Blair Hayes I was a bit star struck. Plus, his reputation as a commercial helmer is legendary. So happy we got to finally sit down and chat about his work. Admittedly, I'm in awe of Director/Camerapeople. 

Blair's new film "Great Plains" is making the festival rounds, so keep an eye out for it. Of course, I've posted some commercials discuss on Enjoy.



Commercial Directing Bootcamp is August 13th, 2016 in Chicago. Limit 20 Filmmakers.

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