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Respect The Process is a filmmaking podcast. Commercials & advertising, indie films, and other stuff I find creatively interesting. 

Jan 18, 2019

Just my thoughts on how to handle 16:9 vs 9:16 and that pesky 1:1 Instagram ratio. It's a brisk 15 minutes of just me babbling. Love to hear your thoughts. 



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Jan 11, 2019

German-born Filmmaker Marc Schölermann started his directing career at the age of 13 shooting his own Super-8 movies in the basement of their family home.

After graduation he pursued a career in film production, working his way up from location manager to assistant director on various national and international feature...

Jan 4, 2019

Filmmaker Ben Dolphin, a majorly talented Director and Cinematographer, always stays on the cutting edge of filmmaking technology. He shares his transition from choreography to gaffing to shooting and beyond. His specialty is capturing wonderful moments from smiles to liquids of any viscosity. You'll love Ben's story...

Dec 21, 2018

Filmmaker Paulina Lagudi wrote and directed "Mail Order Monster" - a sweet, rare gem of an indie for the whole family. Oh, she produced it as well. Paulina and her Director of Photography Cooper tell us how they made the movie a reality. From casting to finding distribution, this episode is a crash course on getting...

Dec 7, 2018

Director Amir Farhang started his professional career as a writer and creative director for top agencies such as BBH, CP+B, 180, and W+K  working for major brands such as adidas, Johnnie Walker, Burger King, Sony, Coca-Cola, Google, Nike, Brand Jordan, Volkswagen and Acura. 

His first ad wasn’t even an ad—it was a...