Respect the Process
Ad Agency Creative Director Turned Fantastic Commercial Director John Grammatico.

Our most popular episodes spotlight Commercial Directors or Ad Agency Creative Directors, so this chat with fantastic spot helmer John Grammatico makes for a perfect storm of a podcast. We discuss bidding for the same gigs, how he made that transition to full-time directing, and his process when he gets a storyboard. Oh, and I babble about listening and understanding the client.

Check out John's work here and enjoy! You'll recognize the work of my new friend.



My merch page is live, so get yourself the exact t-shirt Helen wears in the booth.

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How Writer/Producer/Comedian Maz Jobrani Brought Jimmy Vestvood To The Big Screen.

Stand-up comedian Maz Jobrani tells us how he brought his character Jimmy Vestvood to the big screen. Maz co-wrote, produced and stars in his hilarious film "Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero", and took it to theaters everywhere. We chat about how the limitations of a small budget can fuel creative solutions, as well as shaping one's own destiny.

Maz also offers an insightful tour of Iran's colorful history, which I find fascinating. Buy "Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero" today and enjoy. It's all laughs. Shout out to Jonathan Kesselman, the film's director, for the hook up. 



This episode is about an hour and 13 minutes, give or take a few seconds.

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The Joy Of The Unknown With Commercial Director Scotty Bergstein.

Commercial Director Scotty Bergstein started out as Ridley Scott’s assistant on the movie “Thelma and Louise”. Talk about a film school like no other. Now he's a seasoned, sought-after spot helmer. We chat about his process from first getting a storyboard through delivering that edit. 

We share the joy of allowing the process to reveal things on set that would not have happened if you didn't plan properly. Like finding the magic moments between the dialogue. Filmmakers, I know you'll find this episode inspiring. So check out spots of Scotty's by clicking his name, visting or always at

Happy Thanksgiving,


The episode is over an hour and 13 minutes of fun.

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Filmmakers Kristyna Archer And Monty Marsh Take Superlounge Diversity Award.

Filmmakers Kristyna Archer and Monty Marsh are dual recipients of the inaugural Superlounge Diversity Award. Each will attend Commercial Directing Bootcamp for free December 3rd, 2016 in Los Angeles. Both Monty and Kristyna display a keen proficiency in short form visual storytelling that I know can be channeled to make great ads. Bravo!!

Huge thanks to all the filmmakers that submitted great work.

Thank you,


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Kicking Through The Ashes with Comedian/Writer/Producer Ritch Shydner.

Legendary comedian Ritch Shydner is known to my fans as the true heart and soul of "I Am Comic" (Available on iTunes). To three generations of stand-up comics, he remains a powerhouse of pure monology. Ritch and I met in the 1980's during the comedy boom when I opened for him. Neither of us remember the details or the city.

We talk stand-up comedy, the road, doing a documentary together, today's podcast circuit, working with comedians, and his book. "Kicking Through The Ashes" is a great read, especially for the comedy aficionado with ADHD. I love it and you need to buy it here.

Please share. Thanks,


Commercial Directing Bootcamp is only for those that want to be great. December 3rd, 2016 in Los Angeles. Limit 20 filmmakers. Sign up now!

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Why You Should Not Attend Commercial Directing Bootcamp LA.

My wildly successful Commercial Directing Bootcamp returns to Los Angeles next month, and not every filmmaker may be qualified. This is just me babbling for three minutes telling you why you should or should not enroll. If you think you have what it takes, do not wait and do sign up today, because we are almost full. Limit 20 filmmakers.

Thanks, and go ahead and please share with a mate that might benefit.


Commercial Directing Bootcamp is December 3rd, 2016 in Los Angeles. Do it!!

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Respect The Hustle With Producer Director Abraham Roofeh.

Abraham Roofeh is a director and producer with his own shop, Crowned Kings. Abe is constantly pumping out great content. SPots, Branded Content and music videos, you name it. Click here to see it. We chat about how he gets his work, what it means to find one's voice as a storyteller and how filmmakers need to have a bit of entrepreneurial zeal these days.

Actors - check out the Dan Velez Fund, a scholarship for actors established by our friends at to honor of this wonderful casting director that passed too soon. Go to for more info. 



Just a few slots left for my wildly successful Commercial Directing Bootcamp December 3rd in Los Angeles. Sign up people or suffer the rest of your career.

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TV Ads And Tapas With Group Creative Director Pat Piper.

VML Group Creative Director Pat Piper is funny, prolific and one heck of a guy. In addition to cranking out great ads, he has his own podcast called The Shakes on iTunes. Pat and I have fun talking about what it is like having comedic actors who try to one up each other during a comedy commercial shoot. We also mention how he made some of his classic Sonic commercials, which he originated with his old partner, Matt McKay. Of course, he explains what respecting the process means to him. Please give it a listen and I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you,


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What A Commercial Director's Rep Does With Doug Sherin.

Doug Sherin reps commercial directors as well as production companies. He sells talent based on their reel. But he's more than an agent, he's a partner in the process of developing a director's career. Check out his stellar roster at his company, Options.

We chat about how communication is key, his joy in finding work for his clients, and donuts. It's a real treat to finally have my friend on the show.




Commercial Directing Bootcamp is almost full. Sign up now. Or miss out. December 3rd, 2016 in LA, baby.

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Executive Producer Andrew Perry began his career at MTV Networks, where I'd see him every other day in the hallway. He explains what an Executive Producer does and how he rose to the occasion when presented with a new responsibility, turning each into a career opportunity. Andrew also talks about his new book, a companion to the hit show, "The Hills." 

I enjoyed reuniting with Andrew and having him on the podcast and I think you will like what you hear.

Thank you,



Commercial Directing Bootcamp is half full! December 3rd, 2016 in LA. Sign up fast!

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