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Respect The Process is a filmmaking podcast. Commercials & advertising, indie films, and other stuff I find creatively interesting. 

Sep 19, 2019

Larry Niemi was my 1st Assistant Director on fun shoot over the summer. The challenges were time and money, as usual. It was also 110 degrees fahrenheit and we shot outside all day. Larry breaks down the 1st AD's allegiance to the Director and Producer and how he is the gatekeeper of safety.



This episode...

Sep 15, 2019

Will Chau is the Global Creative Director at Whole Foods Market, where he oversees the creative output on all brand communications and design. Previously, he was a Creative Director at GSD&M, in Austin.

Will and RTP alumni Chuck Meehan gave me my first extended commercial campaign two decades ago, for Kia.

Will has...

Sep 5, 2019

It's our 300th episode! And no better way to celebrate than with my good friend Executive Creative Director Chuck Meehan giving us the straight scoop on commercials and his process for selecting filmmakers. We talk about what makes a great ad, how the production process has been sped up to its detriment and much...

Aug 31, 2019

Filmmaker Joe Menendez has directed over 150 hours of television and 8 films to date. Joe has filmmaking in his DNA, which is evident in our two hour chat. "Siren" is a fast-paced show, a shooting challenge for any filmmaker, so we dive deep into what it takes to master an episode. This quote says it all:

"I believe the...

Aug 21, 2019

Commercial Director Chris Smith of Sugar Films is a veteran spot helmer swimming in repeat business. Chris attributes that to his rapport with agency and clients, combined with his passion for the art & craft of making spots. We talk about treatments, Austin and the new age of authenticity. 

Check out his spots at Sugar...