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Respect The Process is a filmmaking podcast focused on directing commercials.

Oct 15, 2020

Commercial Director Peri and I share a love of comedy and performance, and Peri's devotion to concept and collaboration. Having developed his conceptual abilities over ten years as an advertising writer, Peri has an innate sense of what creatives need on a project.

We also discuss, his platform for connecting directors with brands. A great resource for freelance directors that like to work.

Check out his reel and be inspired!

Commercial Directing Masterclass has helped now 450 filmmakers globally with 100% 5 star reviews. My goal is 500 by end of 2020.

Commercial Directing Bootcamp has 11 seats left for 01.16.2021 in Los Angeles. 



This episode is an hour and 12 minutes and sponsored by Oso Delicious Hot Sauce, the only hot sauce made by bears. Flavorseeker Fun Pak's ship Friday's at 3pm.

My first film, "Dill Scallion" online for rent or purchase and I'm giving 100% of the gross money raised to St. Jude Children's Hospital, in fact I'll match it. Roger Ebert called it "The country music 'This is Spinal Tap'" so that sums it up. All star cast and a great cause.