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Respect The Process is a filmmaking podcast focused on directing commercials.

Feb 28, 2020

My pet peeve is when the craft service table or "crafty" is nothing but sugary treats. I need protein and veggies. Also check out Tommy Davidson's new memoire "Living In Color" and Marc Maron's newest Netflix Special "End Times Fun" on Netflix. I have nothing to do with either, just know they're good entertainment....

Feb 20, 2020

As Director, Cinematographer or often both, Mark Kohl has delivered over 2000 commercials to hundreds of agencies and clients such as McDonald’s, Honda, Ford, AT&T, Pizza Hut, Carnival Cruise Lines and Dick’s Sporting Good’s. But he takes the most pride in knowing he is serving his clients, one at a time.

Mark and...

Feb 14, 2020

Super Bowl LIV seems a distant past a few weeks later, that's because the shelf life of a spot has diminished with our ever-growing appetite for content. I typically record live, but we shot back to back, so I'm playing catch up. Here's the Ads of the World list.

Brand Ambassadors still abound, and I stumbled upon one...