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Respect The Process is a filmmaking podcast focused on directing commercials.

Apr 9, 2017

The World Premiere of "I Am Battle Comic" was a smashing success, thanks to the fine citizens of Detroit. Especially the advertising community, as creatives and producers came out in droves. Huge shout out to Marc Henretta of Jeep, Sterling Doak of Fender and my longtime friend Chuck Meehan for moderating the Q&A.

Midday the review came out from Sean L. McCarthy, aka the comics' comic. Read it.

Comedians Tammy Pescatelli and Slade Ham, both in the film, showed up to make for a funny Q&A. We raised well over $4,000 for National Military Family Association, with many donations made on the spot. Way to go Detroit!

Everything about these theatrical events is here at Buy your tickets now. Click here for all screening info.

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PS Yes indeed you can pre-order the digital download now for just $10 at if you please!

This episode is 20 minutes.